Parkview Rumble in the Jungle

Rumble in the Jungle (Parkview)

We will be attending Parkview on Friday Night for the Ruuuummmmmbbblllee in the Jungle. Good Temperature and Good Weather. A Great Combo!  We will be leaving the school by bus at 2:30pm to head to Parkview and we will be taking a bus back.
Meet Schedule is as follows:
3:30 Coaches meeting—2nd Floor Press Box
BLong Jump (minimum mark—15’)
GLong Jump (minimum mark—19’)
GPole Vault (starting height 7’)
BHigh Jump (starting height 5’6)
GDiscus (minimum mark 70’)
BShot Put (minimum mark 38’)
B Triple Jump (minimum mark 38’)
G Triple Jump (minimum mark 32’)
B Pole Vault (starting height 10’)
G High Jump (starting height 4’6)
G Shot Put (minimum mark 28’)
B Discus (minimum mark 100’)
4:00 pm
4:15 pm
5:00 pm
Track/Infield closed--Athletes warming up ONLY once we begin running.
4x800M Relay
4X100M Relay
1600M Run
400M Dash
100M Dash
100/110M Hurdles
800M Run
200M Dash
300M Hurdles
3200M Run
4x400M Relay
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Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events (Rolling Schedule):

9:20 AM Coaches Meeting

9:30 AM Girls Long Jump – MS then HS Girls

Boys Long Jump - MS then HS Boys

MS Pole Vault – MS Boys and Girls together on MS pit

10:00 AM All other Field Events Begin

HS Pole Vault – HS Girls, HS Boys together on HS pit

         Discus – Girls Ring - MS Girls followed by HS Girls

                           Boys Ring – MS Boys followed by HS Boys

         Shot – Girls Ring – HS Girls followed by MS Girls

Boys Ring – HS Boys followed by MS Boys

         Triple Jump – Girls Runway – MS then HS Girls

                           Boys Runway – MS then HS Boys

         MS High Jump (far pit) – MS Girls, MS Boys (all together)

         HS High Jump (near pit) – HS Girls, HS Boys (all together)

10:30 AM – MS 1600 Girls then Boys

11AM or finish of MS field Events (whichever is first):

All running events are MS Girls followed by HS Girls followed by MS boys followed by HS boys unless otherwise noted.


4x100 MS girls, MS boys, HS girls, then HS boys

1600 (Just HS Girls then Boys)



100/110 Hurdles



300 Hurdles

3200 MS Girls, MS Boys, HS Girls, HS Boys(we may combine some here)

4x400 MS Girls, MS Boys, HS Girls, HS Boys



7th Annual Lions Showcase

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Order of Events:
9:00am - All field events
10:30am- DMR (1200-400-800-1600)
11:30am - 4x800m
1:00pm 4x100m Relay

Rolling Schedule

1600m Run
300m Dash
100m Dash
800m Run
300m Hurdles
4x200m Relay
3200m Run
4X400m Relay 

Westlake 9th and 10th Grade Invitational

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