Are you eligible for the NAIA?

What is the NAIA?

The NAIA is very similar to the NCAA, and the main difference is that both are ran by separate governing bodies. NAIA schools can offer up to 12 track and field scholarships and 5 cross country scholarships per gender. Often schools will stack finances to make it affordable for the student athlete. The NAIA is still very competitve in track and field and cross country and just like many schools they will have standards for their program.

Student Athletes must meet two out three criteria:

1. Graduate with a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale

2. Achieve a minimum of 18 on the ACT or 970 on the SAT.

3. Graduate in the top half of his/her high school class.

NAIA Clearinghouse Fee structure: (NAIA Eligibility Center)

  • $80.00 for U.S. and Canadian students enrolling full-time at an NAIA school in the first full term following high school graduation

    • FEE Waivers are applicable for those who qualify

      1) Please go onto the NAIA Eligibility Center website ( and complete your profile. Please contact the school you're attending if you have any questions about the fee associated with your registration.

      2) As graduation draws near please make sure you request two official transcripts (one will be sent to the college and the other will be sent to the NAIA Eligibility Center directly.

      3) Submit your SAT or ACT to be to the NAIA Eligibility Center. This should be done online.

      4) Lastly if you graduate in top 50% of your class and do not have a 2.0, 970 on the SAT, or an 18 on the ACT** you will need an official letter written by your principal stating that you graduated in the top 50% of your class. This letter alongside your transcripts will be sent to the NAIA eligibility center.